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Simple but engrossing. This must have taken a ton of time but still comes out nice. Minus one star just because the lighting was a bit glary.

RPRMT0054611 responds:

oh and that too... i'm gonna fix that one as well. thanks for the comment =)

This goes on youtube or the art portal.

Somehow I've never seen this Pibbs masterpiece. The colors, the lighting, the composition. All amazing. All beautiful.

I lolled heartily

I am happy to know that someone is just as frustrated at Daylight's Saving Time as me. Nice voice acting too

ClockOfBlob responds:

Haha, not voice acting, just using speakonia. It's a speech program. But thanks!

Very good for something so short

I'm guessing that this song was not made by you. Anyway I like the art and animation but the pelvic thrusting was meh.

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Good for a short

But that's all it is right now is a short. Hope to see the full version soon

This is really bad

Most of the text was too pixelated to be legible and theres only about 10 frames of animation and it looks traced... Then theres the several minutes of blackness with only your audio playing in the backround. I hope the actual movie is better.

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sorean responds:

Well thats paint for ya. This is only a trailer I made for a roleplay. It isn't traced, but the cloud background was a photo I used. That's all. I already stated in the notes that there was nothing after 33 seconds, but the rest of the song. The movie will be better. You only saw text, and like 2 animations.

Oh tragedy

What evil god torments this poor stick man? Crushed and maimed that is his life.

Good animation but not that funny

The animation was pretty nice and all but the jokes weren't really funny except for the one at the end involving the arm.

Really nice

I especially liked the shading and cookie monster's voice :)

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