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Took me quite a while to find the tire iron due to it being black on a dark background. A little too simple. Fun waste of a few minutes though.

Pretty fun stuff. I'd recommend you make the crack where you use the sledgehammer a little more clear or have some sort of clue that suggests you need to use the hammer there. Otherwise a fun quick little romp.

Great idling game gets a little boring by the time you finish like half the invasions but I was really surprised by the fact that there was an actual reward for completing the game. That's what pushes this to a full five stars for me.

Not only is this incredibly boring but the loop in the background is grating as all hell. If you're going to make a clicker game there should atleast be some sort of pay off.

This took me over THREE HOURS to beat so I recommend to anyone about to play the game you keep a pencil and pad with you to draw a map or write where things are, it's easy to get lost.

That being said this was an immensely satisfying end to the series with tons of callbacks to the earlier games. Puzzles were at times hard to think of but none were dumb or impossible. Art and the ambient music were beautiful. Biggest complaint is all the backtracking but that didn't affect me too much other than the part with the fuses.

Fun retro graphics, fun gameplay. I sort of wish it wasn't so loledgy though.

It works but it would be even better with some music!

Sort of confusing to play but kept me entertained. I liked the music too you should credit whoever made it.

axoona responds:

Thank's The music is also my creation.

I had no clue what was going on but it was sort of amusing how confusing it was.

Three rounds of pre-game ads and then a broken game with ads on the side? This is really shitty and just not appropriate for the portal. Atleast the music is nice.

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